Upcoming News

DateTitleEvent Location
16-01-2014 To 18-01-20142nd Enterprise India ShowYangon, Asia
22-01-2014 To 23-01-2014Lamma ShowPeterborough, Europe
28-01-2014 To 29-01-2014Agri Business Congress- East AfricaDer es-salaam, Africa
30-01-2014 To 02-02-2014AgroticaThessaloniki, Europe
12-02-2014 To 14-02-2014FIMAZaragoza, Europe
19-03-2014 To 22-03-2014InaAgri Tech 2014Jakarta, ASIA
30-03-2014 To 03-04-2014Tech AgroBrno, EUROPE
06-05-2014 To 09-05-2014Agro LibyaTripoli, AFRICA
20-05-2014 To 22-05-2014AgrikExpo 2014Victoria Island, Lagos, AFRICA
28-05-2014 To 01-06-2014Expo CabindaCabinda, AFRICA
04-06-2014 To 07-06-2014Agro KievKiev, EUROPE
11-06-2014 To 12-06-2014CerealsCambridgeshire, EUROPE
23-06-2014 To 25-06-2014Agritek AfricaNairobi, AFRICA
11-07-2014 To 14-07-2014Tarmstedter AustellungTarmstedt, EUROPE
22-08-2014 To 30-08-2014104th Harare Agricultural Show 2014Harare, AFRICA
29-08-2014 To 31-08-2014ISRMAX AsiaBangkok, ASIA
29-08-2014 To 02-09-2014Karpfhamer FestKarpfham, EUROPE
02-09-2014 To 04-09-2014Innov AgriOutarville (Noth Central France), EUROPE
08-09-2014 To 11-09-2014Saudi-AgricultureRiyadh, ASIA
01-10-2014 To 31-10-2014ADDIS AGROFOODAddis Ababa, AFRICA
29-10-2014 To 01-11-2014KIEMSTACheonan, ASIA
29-10-2014 To 02-11-2014INDAGRABucharest, Romania
12-11-2014 To 16-11-2014EIMABologna, Italy
14-11-2014 To 17-11-2014Agroviet 2014Hanoi, ASIA
26-11-2014 To 29-11-2014AgrariaWels, EUROPE
01-12-2014 To 04-12-2014Sudan AgrotechKhartoum, AFRICA
01-12-2014 To 31-12-2014West Africa Agro 2014Accra, Africa