Product Highlights

  • > Heavy Duty Three Point Linkage with Swingng drawbar for better field applications
  • > 540/540E PTO Speeds for better fied work
  • > Designed with Highly Ergonomocally & asthetic Appeal
  • > 12 Forward and 12 Reverse Synchro Transmission

Solis 75

Farmer’s Perfect Partner
Solis 75 has been designed to tackle widest range of agricultural, forestry, industrial and municipal applications.


  • - Susana Vieira

    "We are very pleased to work with Solis tractors because this brand is positioned with a good relationship value-benefit. It isn’t a luxury tractor but a tractor that offers the client solutions, gives them profits and makes them happy."

  • - Mr.Sanit Chaithaisong

    "Sonalika Tractor is very affordable . It is very robust and powerful tractor. It has got more pulling power and is best in ploughing. It is less fuel consuming as compared to other tractors.”"

  • - Mr.Afif Mohammad

    "I bought Sonalika 60 in 2004 and I am very pleased with the entire experience. I was the first farmer in Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria to purchase Sonalika Tractor. The functioning of Sonalika Tractor like its pulling power and deep ploughing is very satisfactory. I still enjoy to ride my tractor even at the age of 98."