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A customer from France

I recently bought a SOLIS 50 HP Tractor to replace my old Renault 40 HP. I bought it from Quano Company. My family and I tested it to clean the woods and it worked well even in the tricky areas. I found the fuel consumption to be economical. With just 10 Hours of using this Tractor, I am compelled to say that I am quite impressed with the performance.

A customer from France

A customer from Turkey

I am satisfied with everything including the power, traction, fuel capacity, spare parts supply and dealers of Solis Tractors. The traction is great and I am especially happy with its fuel efficiency as compared to other brands. My Solis Tractor is easy to operate, beautifully designed and it is really comfortable.                                                                                                                            

A customer from Turkey

Julio Cesar, Spain

Hi, I am Julio Ceaser, and I work a lot with the thrasher, cutter and the crasher. I am happy after buying my Solis tractor. Its strength is excellent and I like how it works smoothly on difficult places. Besides, it has a good grip. I have taken it to places where other tractors couldn’t even move, which includes blocked and inclined spaces and the tractor has proven itself efficiently.

Julio Cesar