ITL, A Tractor Manufacturing Company Empowering Farmers Globally

ITL, A Tractor Manufacturing Company Empowering Farmers Globally

SOLIS Compact Tractors
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Increase Farming Productivity with Versatility of Best Compact Tractors

ITL, A Tractor Manufacturing Company Empowering Farmers Globally

ITL, A Tractor Manufacturing Company Empowering Farmers Globally


International Tractors Limited rules the global farming market with a staggering 10 Lakh customer base in India and a robust market network of 1800 enthusiastic distributors and dealers worldwide, in compact tractors range. The company comprises a diverse portfolio with a distinct range of agriculture tractors from 20HP to 120HP, under two different brands named Solis and Sonalika. Solis is becoming a love mark globally by helping farmers realize their potential and the great value that the brand delivers. ITL holds the impeccable record for being the leading tractor manufacturer from a single plant. Being one of the best compact tractor selling companies in India gives us inspiration to further improve upon perfection. SOLIS from the company ITL is also among the top 6 tractor manufacturing companies, globally. The state-of-art manufacturing plant spreads across 2 Lac sq. mt. of land, which employs a world-class skill force of 5500 personnel who commit to creating best-in-class agriculture tractors every day.


SOLIS deploys and leverages an in-house high-tech training centre to impart knowledge and training about compact tractors including product specifications, maintenance, and optimum utilization to employees, business partners, and customers. The young and fast-growing agriculture tractors company globally, SOLIS  has reached the milestone of more than One Lac twenty-five thousand strong customer base with a prominent presence in more than 130+ countries in a short time, which reflects the brand equity, for the makers of the best compact tractor. Trusted and preferred all around, Solis is providing value-for-money products and customer-friendly services worldwide.


Having a very strong presence in most of the significant markets worldwide, presently, our agriculture tractors are leading the market as the most selling tractor brand in 6 different countries in Asia, Africa & Europe. Offering customized tractors as per local preferences in Brazil and Turkey, Solis is presently the only Indian compact tractors company to have a presence across 28 countries in Latin & South America. While augmenting a noticeable presence in 40 EU & non-EU countries, the brand has successfully launched its tractors in the USA market.


This group produces agriculture tractors, unflinchingly maintaining global standards in product manufacturing and Company’s partnership with global pioneers like Yanmar (Japan) reflects this commitment. Known to manufacture zero defect products and steadfast adherence to quality standards, ITL is accredited with international certifications like ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 140001:2004/ ISO TS 16949 and ISO 140012015/ISO90012015.

Complying with stringent American EPA norms and Euro Homologation, the tractors are qualified for the European markets.


Now, the question arises who the largest tractor manufacturer in the world is? Well, it would be an honor to be at the top of the most incredible agriculture tractors, but for now, Solis is working harder than everyone else to expand its extraordinary legacy. Following are some of the specialities that make the brand stand out.


Powered with innovation and the 100 Years strong Japanese Technology: Solis has partnered with Japan’s renowned Yanmar to develop the best in class products that deliver on the everyday farming needs. The partnership is growing exponentially with success, and it has brought a big shift in productivity and yield.


Best in Class Guarantee: All the products go through in-depth checks and verifications meeting global standards, but the brand goes the extra mile to support the customer base, ensuring them of superlative quality.


Spare Parts Supply: The brand hosts a strong network of around 1800 dealers globally, always equipped with spare parts supplies. It goes without saying that Solis, as a tractor brand, never falls short on expectations. The centralized spare parts centre in Germany, in association with Yanmar, is a testimony to the same. Built using only the highest quality materials and the most advanced process & technologies, Solis genuine parts are manufactured to deliver high performance and long life. Get a better partner for your tractors that provide superior quality & reliability. You can easily avail of them globally at our dealers.


Value for Money: The brand has designed the products to deliver the best value to the end customer and deliver on performance without any compromise on power, quality & testing. Solis has therefore become one of the best compact tractor brands, which is also economical in any range.


Unwavering Trust and A Proud Legacy: After having sold 1,000,000 tractors globally, from the inception of the brand in 1996, 24 years have proved phenomenal and make any customer proud of their rich belonging. The brand is forever committed to delivering only the supreme quality agriculture tractors.

Thorough Testing and Benchmark Checks: It is a well-known fact that Solis compact tractors always deliver the best performance with longevity and unmatched toughness. The performance results from a series of tests and checks before rolling out the product from the plant.


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One of Solis tractors‘ best qualities is that they can be used during any season as they are technological ahead of their time. Compact tractors deliver matchless work efficiency and versatility to perform various tasks like maintaining the roads, removing snow, tilling, cultivating or mowing land, harvesting crops, ploughing fields, and more.