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Solis N Series Tractors

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Solis N Series Tractors

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Planning to give your narrow farm the special care they deserve? While bulky and bigger tractors are usually meant for bigger farms, SOLIS brings you the perfect tractor for your vineyards and orchards. Solis Narrow Trac Professionals provide easy reach and high maneuverability to each corner of your narrow farms. This N series tractors are engineered to ease functionality & increase productivity in every narrow farm and are most effective for composed farming. If you are looking for a narrow farming professional for your narrow farm or composed farm, Solis N series, with their features are definitely the one thing you were looking for. Let us have a look at what makes them them extra efficient.


The ideal partner for your narrow farm, Solis Tractors N75 is designed to simplify tasks such as spraying pesticides, irrigation purposes other such tasks with exceptional ease and proficiency. This narrow farm tractor is powered by a 4-cylinder turbocharged CRDi engine, which supplies a tremendous power of 75HP. What makes it the best choice for a narrow farm is its slick turning radius of just 3.6m, which makes it highly maneuverable on narrow farms. In addition, the width of this tractor is only 1400*mm, which lets its glide easily through narrow trenches & rows at a narrow farm.

Other than that, this narrow farming professional offers an exceptional lifting capacity of 2500 kg, along with a four-wheel drive and power steering and more. Moreover, it comes with a roll-bar with a beacon to prevent you in case the tractor turns over. Overall, Solis N75 is a perfect choice for owners of narrow farms as it offers greater functionality & features in an affordable price range.


The narrow farm professional, N90 by Solis, is a more powerful version of N 75. It also comes with features such as power steering, four-wheel drive, and amazing speed of over 30 km/h and a four-cylinder, turbocharged CRDi engine. Its turning radius is also 3.6m, and its lifting capacity is 2500 kg. The major difference between the two is that Solis N 90 offers 90HP.
With its greater speed, maneuverability & power it makes tasks such as mowing, managing the soil, crop protection much easier. Its aerodynamic bonnet is crafted to give it a modern & advanced appeal. Standard features by Solis such as roll-over protection bar with a beacon etc also come with this tractor.

Solis Narrow Trac Series (N Series) is equipped with advanced synchromesh transmission, which ensures ease of operation, making the performance of the tractors more effective & functionality, enhanced. Both are the narrow farming tractors come with a three-point CAT-II attachment system & a greater lifting and towing capacity than others of its category. Overall, Solis N series is specifically engineered to cater to narrow farms & increase their productivity and potential by manifolds. So, if you are out in the market looking for a narrow farm tractor for your narrow farm, Solis N Series might be the one machine that will cure all your worries at you narrow farm.