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Solis S26: Re-defining Versatility

Celebrating the legacy of 10,00,000 customers
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Solis S26: Re-defining Versatility

Solis S26: Re-defining Versatility

Solis S26: Re-defining Versatility

The compact farming tractor, Solis S26, is indeed the champion of versatility because of the variety of utility it offers. Designed with a compact frame, Solis S26 is a fully-featured machine with mechanics simple enough to keep it pocket-friendly for the average buyer. Its ability to attach even professional farming implements, the power-packed engine, and simplistic mechanics that define its versatility. Here’s a brief on the versatile performance of S26 to help you understand its full potential.

But before we begin, we need to talk about the hitch type on S26. The hitch is among the crucial parts of a tractor that define its functionality on a farm. On par with the industry standards, Solis S26 is fitted with a 3-point, CAT-1 type hitch. This hitch is easily able to attach a variety of implements given that they have CAT-1 type attachment pin. Therefore, the type of hitch attached to the tractor controls the magnitude of implements a tractor can attach unto itself. Here are a few implements you will be able to use with Solis S26.


Front-end-loader is one implement capable of a variety of functionalities. With Solis S26 you get the chance to opt for a front-end-loader at an affordable price. Featured with a single pinch release system, the front-end-loader on Solis S26 is easy to operate, attach and detach. Also, with lifting capacity of 300 kg, Solis S26 become perfectly efficient and useful. Post detachment, this loader can also be parked aside via a stand. Front-End-Loader can used for digging up ponds, removing snow, lifting heavy weights and many more tasks.


Specially designed for green house and inter cultivation at orchard farms and alike, rotavator is another implement that you can use with Solis S26. On par with the global standards, the steel blades of this rotavator provide an excellent performance on each operation. Its strong gear box gives you the ability to perform a variety of tasks such as maintaining shrubs on the farm etc with ease. Also, it comes with a flexible dampner spring which is ideal for row cropping and inter-cultivation.

Rotatory Slasher

With a rotator slasher designed specifically for tough field operations such as shrub management etc, Solis S26 is the one of the most efficient compact tractor in the market. Made with the highly efficient EN9 material, the blades on the slasher are durable and leak-proof. The durable and quality performance of this implement will help you keep your small farm cleaner and ready for cultivation.

In an overview, Solis S26 is a compact tractor with utilities and features ideal for a compact farm. What allows for such flexibility is its hitch and the implements specifically crafted for its compact farming range by the company itself. Being manufactured by the same company, the combination of Solis S26 along with its variety of implements delivers an unmatched performance on the field. The compact farming wizard, Solis S26, is ideal for those looking for a multi-functional farming machine for their farms.