Solis - One of the Fastest Growing Tractor Brand

Solis – One of the Fastest Growing Tractor Brand

Types Solis tractor tyres
Types of Solis Tractor Tyres
Solis Tractors Setting A New Benchmark of Performance

Solis – One of the Fastest Growing Tractor Brand

Solis – One of the Fastest Growing Tractor Brand

Technology has changed the world till now at a rapid pace. It came up as a revolution to transform the world. The expeditious rise in tech has led to the modification of all the sectors. Every industry that contributes to the development of the world is using different technologies to make everything easier for the betterment of the people.

One of the primary sectors of the world is agriculture, wherein farm mechanization is now at its all-time high. To this date, Agri industries have made numerous innovations that have reduced the workload for farmers. Many jobs which were being done by labour is now being done with the help of machines. We all know that traditional methods require strenuous and backbreaking efforts, which waste a lot of time as well. On the other hand, machines have made all this easy, where you can sit comfortably and the rest of the work will be done by your tractor. Tractors do everything fleetly and also maximize your productivity. They are a versatile and absolute piece of technology.

The invention of a tractor gave hope to farmers. As technology changes, so did the agriculture sector. Many of the Brands have brought change with such beneficial innovations that helped the farmers to perform their bid in the world’s development. As the population is increasing speedily, so did the demand for food. In this instance, we need to increase the growth. To amplify growth, we need to use technology that can connect us with our target audience.

With the Green revolution happening, agricultural production was increasing worldwide and Solis grabbed the chance to start their farm equipment manufacturing company. With the collective efforts of the workers and the love received by farmers, Solis launched their first tractor in 1995. In the following year, they also started their manufacturing plant in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, which is now the world’s largest tractor manufacturing company. In 2000, SOLIS entered into joint ventures with worldwide pioneers that helped them enter new markets and reach new customers.

Gradually, Solis extended their hands towards the Japanese market as well and we launched their first compact tractor in 2005. Since then, we have introduced a diverse range of multi-utility tractors to suit the needs of the customers. Solis became India’s 3rd largest tractor manufacturing company and 6th largest globally. Solis is the No.1 tractor exporter from India and is constantly maintaining this position from last 3 year. We have an eminent presence in more than 130+ countries. Solis is now unwaveringly providing solutions to all your farming needs. It is now a proud manufacturer of agricultural tractors, offering a wide range of the toughest tractors, starting from 20-120 HP. We are one of the renowned tractor brands with over 1,100,000 tractors running successfully in multiple field applications. Each tractor from the entire range holds the capacity of executing the toughest challenges. They are proficient in performing tasks such as agriculture farming, orchard and vineyards farming, cattle farming, garden/golf course applications, forestry and industrial sectors.

With the manufacturing of tractors, we also produce various implements for soil preparation, planting, crop care, harvesting, post-harvesting, residue management and carrier-head. Solis believes in redefining the future of farming and so it is working persistently to attain this goal. Our tractors are strengthening farmers’ potential across the globe. We have become the No. 1 Tractor Brand in Nepal, Bangladesh, Algeria, Iceland, Afghanistan, and Hungary. Also, we have maintained our position among the top 5 tractor brands in Brazil, Germany, France, Denmark, UK, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, Iran, and Belgium. If you are looking for compact tractors for sale, Visit the Solis tractors website to discover more about their tractor features.


Solis tractors are far and wide known for their tough performance, high backup torque, great fuel efficiency, low maintenance cost, futuristic mechanics and comfort. Solis tractors are the only Indian company to deliver services in 33 countries in Europe, reaching a sale of 12,000 tractors in a year across the continent. They are an absolute example of value for money. Solis tractors can surprise you with more abilities than expected. Their tractors come in 3 ranges – S series, N series and H series. All of these tractor ranges have tractors that are extremely durable, economical and versatile, which makes them a perfect fit for any farming situation.

S series

Primary reason of S series is to delivers excellent value for money and advanced ergonomics in the fields. All the tractors from this series are highly productive, economical and fuel-efficient as well. This series offers five versatile tractors. S 20, this tractor is perfect for hobby or small-sized farms and private farms. The sturdy engine and better transmission amplifies growth & allows you to work efficiently with top-class performance. S 26 This is the most versatile tractor from the series, delivering extra comfort and potential in every endeavour. The hydraulic power steering and the extra efficient engine help in reducing operational stress. S 26 shuttle XL, this specially built with a synchromesh shuttle lever and 9×9 gear, adds extra comfort to every farming venture. S 50, this mighty tractor is the perfect farming companion. The easy gear shift, smooth transmission and unmatched potential enable us to endure all terrain conditions. S 75, this sturdy tractor is well known for its high backup torque and lifting capacity. The powerful CRDI engine boosts productivity and works like an Agri-professional when attracted with heavy implementation. S 90, This tractor is designed to tackle jobs like haulage, industrial and loader applications. Also, its synchromesh transmission adds excellence to every performance.

N Series

It is known as the narrow track series. N series offers two highly versatile tractors which come with a low turning radius of 3.6m that allows you to move freely in small areas or narrow lanes. Both of the tractors are engineered to work efficiently in orchards and vineyards. N series comes in two horsepower – N 75. This tractor helps in spraying and orchard applications with a unique hydraulic circuit that helps in elevating its transmission speed. N 90, this tractor is integrated with a power steering with a minimum turning radius which can easily execute tasks like mowing, mulching, transmission and crop protection.

H series

This series offers hydrostatic transmission with a Mitsubishi engine, which makes it a complete all-rounder with advanced features and over-the-top lifting capacity. Solis H 26 transforms all your complexities at ease. We are soon going to launch more members of this series with upgraded features.



We are using futuristic technology to bring new-age Agri-tech. We have collaborated with Yanmar, since then we are using the latest Japanese technology. Our mechanism is advanced and ensures the smooth execution of complex tasks. Recently, we have introduced some models in Stage V for European markets. This technology is perfectly suitable for European emission standards.


We are noted amongst one of the renowned tractor brands in the world. The reason behind this is that we have invented a few technologies in the agricultural world. We are one of the leading Indian company to introduce a CRDI engine. This engine requires only one fuel pump for multiple cylinders, which is beneficial for the environment as it reduces noise, smoke and particulate matter. Also, it consumes low fuel and delivers high-quality performance. We aim to transform farming into a more sustainable way.


Distributor Network

We have a global presence in more than 130+ countries. One can easily find Solis tractor dealers nearest to the location. Also, we are rapidly working towards expanding our area of the network by connecting with more dealers. We have a wide distribution network with numerous tractor dealers in many countries.

Branding collaboration

To provide you with the best of class technology, we collaborated with one of the fastest technologies in farming, which is the latest Japanese technology. Using advanced technology helps in building towards a sustainable future.

Digital Presence

With a strengthened network chain, we also have a decent presence digitally. All our products are listed on the website. Apart from this we are present on most of the digital platforms and soon going to make our digital presence more strong with the upcoming technologies.