Types of Solis Tractor Tyres

Types of Solis Tractor Tyres

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Advantages of Having Solis Compact Farm Tractors
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Types of Solis Tractor Tyres

Solis Tractor Tyres

Choosing tractor tyres can be a daunting task, but an honest review can make it work for you. So, here are some points and types of tractors that a user should know. Tractor tyres are generally built stronger for rough and tough use that provides durable performances. They are integrated with reinforced shoulder walls and high-density compounds that are wear-resistant. These major factors enable the tyre to maintain a perfect grip on any terrain. It makes the treads last longer, which enables multipurpose use of the vehicle. So, there comes a wide variety of tyres that are being used for multi-purpose. Different types of tyres are being made for different types of operations, such as tractor tyres for haulage, providing more mileage than compared to the tyres used for farm use.

Types of tyres that are available:

Industrial tyres

Industrial tractor tyres are used for tough operations such as construction sites, forklifts, transport vehicles, industrial vehicles, tractors, etc. These tyres have been built from rougher and heavier grades of rubber that make them able to resist premature wear during working on concrete or gravel roads. They are built stronger that enables you to work on any type of land and offer great traction in tough conditions. The tread design also matters because that improves the grip and pace during the tyre’s application.

Their strong built and structure enables a reliable tread life and good traction ability, thus also elevates the load durability. The tyre shapes, its wider footprints and the even pressure all work together to boost the load durability. The tough rubber, effective tread design, reinforced tyre shape and well-built construction enables the tyre to resist and pull heavy loads with ease.

Turf tyres

Turf tyres are for lawn and garden and are a good choice for compact tractors. They are built in a way so that they can perform proficiently without affecting the surface. The tread is designed to work efficiently on the grass without harming the field. The optimal tread design and lug placement make it certain not to give any damage to the grass during the drive.

Turf tyres are specially made for lawns that can fit compact tractors and provide a smooth experience to the users. They are the least aggressive tractor tyres among the different types of tractors that offer the lowest traction. Although, they can perform excellently in tough conditions while ensuring dry traction. These tyres are somewhere least capable of working in wet conditions. Therefore, it is advised to use it in dry weather only.

Radial tyres

The radial tyres are unique because of their qualities, such as it has a 90-degree angle with the tread line. In these tractors, the cord is arranged radially, i.e. the cord’s threads are directed parallel to each other. This tyre comes with both of the options. It can be tubed or tubeless. The steel belts allow the sidewall and the tread to work efficiently. Its synthetic polyamide fabric provides more strength, elasticity, and lightness. These tyres are designed in a way to enable the users to work
independently and comfortably on the fields. They are strong but work smoothly so that the grass doesn’t get tarnished. As mentioned above they come in two types: tubed and tubeless, thus their performance and capabilities also differ according to their nature.

Galaxy pro tyres

Galaxy pro tyres are developed, especially for small tractors used for gardening, vineyards and orchards. In general, garden tractors are the ones best suited for them. They are comparatively small but provide good traction and pace in narrow lanes. The block tread pattern is deeper in galaxy pro tyres with directional blocks that provide a low rate of wear and good floatation as well. They are light and the tread enables great grip in narrow lanes so that the tractor can move swiftly in a short radius.

So far, you must have gained knowledge about tractor tyres and their features. But the next question that arises is how to choose one Brand that can provide you with multiple options. In the market, there might be a few of them who took care of all the factors about the tractor. Solis is one of them that manufactures a complete package for you to outshine at every venture.


Solis offers a wide variety of tyres with different models. Most of the Solis tractors can be fitted with any tyre as Solis offers a multi tyre option to choose the right one for you. Still, it’s important to consider the overall property condition and the type of attachments you will use before making any purchases. So, below are the features and quality of Solis tractor tyres.

Agri Tyres – Agri tyres are best suited for situations where grip and traction are more important, such as wet soil conditions, which can be used in paddy fields or wooded areas. Compared to turf and HDI tyres, they have an open treat with more void.

Turf tyres – Turf tyres have a small diamond pattern with a shallow button style tread. Best suited for the protection of grass lawns, playgrounds and golf courses. These tyres are ideal for applications where they can operate without causing any damage to the ground.

GP Tyres – These are the tyres especially used for orchids, vineyards and gardening, thus best suited with the Narrow tractor series. The Galaxy Garden Pro tyre has low rolling resistance for excellent fuel economy and is available in the Narrow tractor series.

HDI Tyres  –These tyres have wider lugs than Agri tyres and shallower voids to avoid disturbance in dry soil conditions. Their unique build results in a greater load-bearing surface than the Agri tyres and more grip than the turf tyres. These tyres are the best option to go, which offers more grip and less ground disturbance as well. Resulting in one of the most popular choices for Solis compact tractors.


The most important thing you can do when inspecting tractor tyres is finding out your needs. Always choose tyres based on your area and the type of operation you are going to use them for because different tasks and purposes require different tyres. So, make sure you go through all the details before making any purchase. You should know all the specifications of the type of tyre so that you can choose the best one.

While buying a new tractor, make sure to check all the tyre specifications. It should match all your needs so that it will not cost you much in the future. It is much better to make a planned decision than to make the wrong deal with little information.

– Make sure that the tractor tyres have ideal air pressure, are capable of running with heavy loads and match your needs as well.

– You should be clear that if you need them for your lawn and garden, then go with turf tyres. If you need them for farming in big difficult areas, then go with agriculture and industrial areas.

– The design and spacing of the tread should not be avoided, as in the long run, even such small negligence can cost you.

After reading so much about tractor tyres. We are sure that you will not miss any points. For more details, you visit the Solis website to know every detail about our model. We have made it easy for the users to get proper knowledge about what they are going to buy.