Product Highlights

  • > Powerful 4 Cylinder diesel engine
  • > High Torque of 420 Nm
  • > High Lift capacity of 4500 kg
  • > Aerodynamic design & aesthetic appeal of hood

Solis 110

Advanced features with great comfort and powerful performance.
Solis 110 is perfect combination of power and profitability. It is especially designed for applications which require higher horse power on farmland.


  • - Susana Vieira

    "We are very pleased to work with Solis tractors because this brand is positioned with a good relationship value-benefit. It isn’t a luxury tractor but a tractor that offers the client solutions, gives them profits and makes them happy."

  • - Mr.Sanit Chaithaisong

    "Sonalika Tractor is very affordable . It is very robust and powerful tractor. It has got more pulling power and is best in ploughing. It is less fuel consuming as compared to other tractors.”"

  • - Mr.Afif Mohammad

    "I bought Sonalika 60 in 2004 and I am very pleased with the entire experience. I was the first farmer in Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria to purchase Sonalika Tractor. The functioning of Sonalika Tractor like its pulling power and deep ploughing is very satisfactory. I still enjoy to ride my tractor even at the age of 98."